The Ultimate Guide To Library E-Journals

Library & E Journals

To build up a library is to create a life. it's never just a random collection of books.

We transform lives by procuring books to encourage research activities and advanced reading. We are not only well equipped with over 40, 000 books on varied subjects but also have several thousand journals of the relevant area.


Our various Highlights are –


  • With a memberships of 10 e-journals, inclusive of renowned publishers like IEEE, Elsevier Science Direct, Tata Mc-Graw Hill, ASTM-DL, Gale Cengage) databases of ASME, IEEE and ACM.
  • 125 web-based courses through NPTEL
  • 136 video courses prepared by the faculty of IITs and other leading institutions of India that are taught over the internet.
  • The library subscribes to national and international subject journals, national and regional dailies
  • Apart from books, it has a huge collection of Audio video material, CD’s & DVD’s.
  • The library maintains a separate “Book Bank” collection exclusively for the meritorious students
  • The central library has a collection of 20582 titles and subscribes to 200+ journals, magazines & periodicals


The double-storey library is tastefully furnished and accommodates around 300 students at a time. The serene atmosphere in the library with rows of neatly stacked books plays a major role in attracting the students to the library.

The intake of books is a regular feature in the library and no important title related to any course is missed.