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Chairman Message

Dear Students,

"RPEC" will provide a student with world class qualification that will put you to a better place in life ”

The drive to learn is as any other drive. It begins earlier and last longer. Learning is at once deeply personal and inherently social; it connects us not just to knowledge in abstract but to each other.

Rattan Professional Education College has grown from strength to strength and has captured its prime place among nursing colleges in Punjab. Institution has done well in all spheres of activities, while maintaining the quality of education being impact to students.

"Without change there is no innovation or creativity for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable"

With same philosophy the effort put in by one and all to bring the college to fore front is truly commendable .Students gained recognition in various academic and extra-curricular activities .Our faculty invests their expertise within the walls of Rattan Professional Education colleges and beyond -local,regional and national level to derive advancements in nursing.

I wish you all success and wonderful experience at RGI.

Mr. S.L. Aggarwal
Rattan Group of Institutions (RGI)