High Tech Laboratories-Rattan College of Nursing

Computer labs

Computer lab is well equipped to meet the central

Computer lab is well equipped to meet the central computing requirements
of the faculty, staff and students of the institute.

All the major software and hardware platforms have made available
to the faculty and students.providing a homely atmosphere.

Computer lab develops and maintains college websites, Proxy servers,
FTP servers, DNS servers; it also provides Antivirus solutions and
Email facilities to faculty and staff.

Computer lab also looks after maintenance of computers and other
IT infrastructure of the college.

Computer lab contains LCD monitors for each student with internet
facility. To cope with the power cuts and to provide maximum
uptime to the users, computer center is powered by 160 KVA
capacity UPS systems backed with adequate generator supply.

Campus wireless network has been well secured by deploying home
developed open source based security solutions.

This network is maintained and managed by the computer science
and IT department of the college.

Computer Lab